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LeBron James admits he nearly ‘cracked’ due to the Los Angeles Lakers’ early season struggles


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This isn’t the Hollywood script LeBron James envisioned — unless he was reading a horror-film screenplay.

The Lakers got off to a terrible 2-5 start, the self-described King said “I suck” at shooting free throws after missing two clutch attempts that nearly cost Los Angeles a win against the Hawks on Sunday night and there were rumours coach Luke Walton’s job was in jeopardy.

Through this new start, James admitted he nearly “cracked,” in an interview with Yahoo Sports over his early struggles in Los Angeles.

“I haven’t changed anything outwardly, but you know me. You know how I am. I almost cracked [last week]. I had to sit back and remind myself, ‘[Expletive], you knew what you were getting yourself into,’” James said.

“This process has been good for me. I just have to continue being patient.”

It hasn’t been easy, playing in a new city with new teammates and high expectations on his shoulders. After a road loss to the Timberwolves, a frustrated James told reporters:

“You probably don’t want to be around when my patience runs out. I’m serious.”

The Lakers, now 7-6, have shown signs of finding themselves, winning three straight games and five of six since the Walton rumours were shut down. James, after all, had the game-winning follow slam Sunday against the Hawks after the missed free throws.

The addition of veteran centre Tyson Chandler has pleased James. Chandler had the clinching block against the Hawks.

“He’s huge,” James said Sunday.

“We knew we had a spot that needed some reassurance, and for us to get Tyson in the fashion that we got him and to be able to implement him right away and the impact that he’s made in these three games thus far, it’s great.”

“I had to regroup and remember this is a young team,” James added in the Yahoo Sports story. “We’re playing some good ball right now and we’re starting to build some good habits. That’s all that matters right now.”


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