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AFL 2019: Brendon Goddard concedes his AFL career is likely over


Published by Staff Writers, 14th November 2018 on

Brendon Goddard has conceded his AFL career is likely over as time ticks on a potential AFL lifeline.

The 33-year-old still holds hope of a club throwing him an opportunity as either a delisted free agent or through the draft, but is comfortable after chats with former teammates Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna.

“It wasn’t until I was in the situation and Woosha (John Worsfold) told me the news, I kind of realised I wasn’t prepared for it,” Goddard told RSN Breakfast on Wednesday morning.

“It was just harder to swallow than I kind of thought it would and I’d prepared for. I’m content now and talking to a few guys who have gone through it, in particular Roey (Nick Riewoldt) who is one of my best mates and Joey (Leigh Montagna).

Goddard described how tough it had been opening up social media and seeing his former teammates training.

“They’ve talked about ebbs and flows over the next six to eight months, but even now I’m starting to feel the guys going back to training and I see it on social media,” he said.

“Flicking through Twitter, things pop up and it’s like the reality is kicking in because I feel like I’m heading back to training in a sense, because it’s only natural and habitual, I’ve been doing this for 16 years

“I kind of just gloss over those things now. I’m even thinking about unfollowing Essendon (on Twitter), just to get it off my mind, but that’s a bit extreme.”

Having played 334 AFL games with Essendon and St Kilda, Goddard still believed he would be ready to go if given an opportunity, but said he isn’t bitter at the lack of interest.

“I still believe that I’m physically and mentally in a good space and could offer things in different areas,” Goddard said.

“I would be lying if I said I see some of the blokes playing football and it still bugs me that they are playing and I’m not

“I know the reality of it too and the harsh reality of AFL football. I don’t know what every club’s strategies are, I understand that point of it too and that’s probably my overall thoughts.

“But then sometimes I see a few individuals running around, coming back to training, I still think how are they playing AFL rather than me, but that’s pretty selfless thinking.

“It’s fair to say I’ve had a pretty good run at it, I can’t be overly critical. I’m not bitter at all. I’m a realist as well.”

Away from football Goddard has turned his attention to a different sport — golf — and will be caddying for friend Marcus Fraser.

“It’s more of a competitive thing for me outside of football … just see how good I can get. I’ve got an addictive personality,” Goddard said of his golfing aspirations.

“It’s been somewhat of a dream to see how good I could get (without football).

“Now it’s about knuckling down and playing more.”


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