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WTF is Swopstakes???
Swopstakes is the world’s first online knock-out sweepstakes, you go head to head with hundreds of other Aussies in Sports and Racing events around Australia and the World for a chance to win some massive cash prizes every day for as little as 10 cents a ticket.
Basically with Swopstakes you compete with other players until you are the last man/woman standing, with horse racing you can ride your luck or buy, sell, and swop your tickets before each race to increase your chance of winning.
If you think that one ticket with the winner in every race to is in your possession then it would be a good idea to hold on to it, if you are up to race 4 and believe the few tickets you have left are no good then it would be a good idea to swop them.
An easy was to think about it is – If the event was a horse racing pick 6 and you bought 20 tickets at 25 cents each you would have 20 mystery pick six tickets.
*For every event (racing/sports) there is that 1 ticket that will have all the winning legs.
More info on wtf Sweepstakes is on their website.