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#Puntr’s Academy

Puntr’s Academy Punters Club will return in 2021 which will be even bigger and better then the previous year. Each punters club will be $10-$30 buy in for each share and will be capped at 100 shares per person and capped at 10,000 shares in total.

The Good thing about being part of the #Puntr’s Academy is you don’t need any skill with betting because someone else does all the hard work for you,

Each punters club day we will have 5 punters punting which will be 1 admin from the #Puntr group and 4 tipsters who regularly tip in the group.

Punters on the day will be betting on Horse Racing to Ukrainian Badmnton with all races/sports to start at 10:00am and be finalised by 11:59pm that day. Join us each day for some virtual schooners, have a laugh and most of all win some money.

On the day we punt we will divide the total punting pool by 5 and that is what we will each bet, so for example the total is $5000, we will each punt $1000 and each selected punter from #puntr can bet that $1000 on whatever they like (as long as the race/sport starts after 10am that day and or is resulted at 11:59pm that night, all times Sydney time).

All winnings will then be transferred to your Ladbrokes account within 48 hours of the end of the day.