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Chapter 1 — The Value Theory
Chapter 2 — Player Selections – NBA


Draftstars is the most exciting and revolutionary sports gambling platform that has been offered to Australian punters in the last decade. It encompasses three of the most fundamental loves of most punters – sports, gambling and fantasy sports! Draftstars has been around for a while, but recently it’s come to my attention that so many people that would absolutely love it, don’t even know it exists!

Why I love Draftstars…
Playing Supercoach used to be one of my favourite things to do. I would spend a huge amount of time every week working on my team, looking at trades etc.  But far too often I would invest more time than I actually had to spare. And because it’s a full season competition, a couple of big injuries and I’d spend half the year infuriated at how bad my team was going. Draftstars competitions go for one day – so if I don’t have the time, I can always go a few days or a week without playing. Plus, long term injuries don’t really affect the game. One bad day- so? Shake it off again, tomorrow is a new day!

Sports betting can also be a hugely fickle game. It can be very expensive, and often for little gain or large deficit. This isn’t: with a little bit of research, a little bit of luck and small investment, you can win some seriously good money! No more betting $100 to win $90 on a random big bash game to make it more exciting to watch… invest $2 to win $200! Which, by the way, I did today (see below)!


How does it work?
For anyone that’s ever played any type of fantasy sports, it’s basically the same concept. Pick a sport from the available upcoming events. You get a salary cap; the players all have different salaries. Use your salary cap to pick the best team you can (the aim is to get the highest score), and you’re away!

Using NBA as an example (because that’s the one I’m currently playing the most), the salary cap for each contest is $100,000 and you pick 9 players ($11,000 average per player). Prices vary from 5k to 25k. 2 point guards, 2 shooting guards, 2 small forwards, 2 power forwards and a centre. Basic scoring is:

Point scored                1
Missed field goal        -0.25
Assist                          1.50
Rebound                     1.25
Turnover                      -0.50
Steal                            2
Block                           2
3 Point made bonus    1
Double double            2
Triple double              2

Obviously the scoring and positions vary based on the sport, but all the information is in the app/on the website.

What tournament options are there?
This varies on the sport, but there are so many options! Almost all the sports have at least a $15 main tournament and a $2 mini tournament. As well as these, there is generally a series of “heads up” tournaments (one on one) from $2 to $200 entry, as well as several double up and triple up options. The prize pools are generally fantastic for the investment! Generally in the larger tournaments the top ¼ of the field get paid. The NBA $15 tournaments generally have a guaranteed prize pool of around $15,000 with around $1200 for first, regardless of how many entrants. Come AFL time the prize pools skyrocket, the Saturday tournaments are $15 entry for a guaranteed $50,000 prize pool, up to $100,000. Absolutely crazy that you can win upwards of $4000 in real cash for a $15 investment in fantasy sports!

What sports does it involve?
AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, A League, Premier League, Big Bash, all international cricket matches including Australia and Golf. Come AFL season you generally have the option of playing a tournament for individual matches, or a whole day, or even a whole weekend!

Over the coming days, I will be publishing several articles about draftstars to help everyone along. There are several basic strategies that I have learnt over the past few months from lots of research into how the professionals do it in the states. Bankroll management, how to pick what tournaments to enter, how to pick the best team, some basic rules and strategies, and how to be profitable playing multiple line-ups are just a few of the topics I will be covering off. Hopefully these articles will help you not only enjoy it, but be profitable as well!

If Draftstars sounds like something you’re interested in, sign up!

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