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Round 6 Preview 

Saturday football is going to be huge with 5 games on the Saturday for only the second time this season and there is going to be some very important clashes for this early in the season. A couple absolute must win games, a Western Derby and two games with big importance for their clubs. 
Hawthorn vs Saint Kilda 

Doesn’t get much bigger than this for these two clubs, the Hawks of old came out last week and destroyed a highly fancied Eagles while the Saints spluttering campaign continued. the Saints should of won at least one more game and possibly two if it wasn’t for lapse’s and poor goal kicking. The Hawks where nothing short of bad for the first four weeks of the season the big question is was last week the aberration or where the first four games. It’s a simple must win for both sides if they want to be part of September action. The Hawks have dominated the Saints in recent years, in fact you have to go back to 2009 the last time Saints tasted victory over the Hawks. The Game being played in Tasmania throws up its on unique touch to the game, the Hawks have a fortress down there and won’t want to let that slip. Tom Mitchell has been outstanding and finally got support last week and now the Hawks have tasted blood I think they will go for the kill against the Saints who just seem to lack a bit of maturity. The Saints will not lay down easy it will be a tough grinding match with goals at a premium.
Predict Hawks win 17 points
Bet tips Total score under 187.5 $1.91 Hawks over 12.5 behinds $1.72

Carlton v Sydney

Swans just have to win no ifs, buts or maybes they just must win! This is the most important game of their season they already have to defy history to make the top 8, but lose this and they may as well give up for the season and plan for next year. 

Carlton have not beat Sydney since 2011 and the last meeting gave the swans one hell of a scare. Both clubs are struggling to score this season both averaging 75 points a game or less, the swans have had some close games but the Blues are starting to show signs that they are going to really struggle for long parts of this season. The Swans need a big lift from their high profile forwards in Tippet and Buddy and this game just might give these two over powered (not over paid) forwards the spark they need to turn the season around. The Blues will give an honest performance but if the Swans are serious they will dismantle the Blues at the MCG. 
Predict Sydney win 49 points
Bet tip Buddy 6 or more goals $5

Brisbane v Port Adelaide

Port look to really cement their place in the top 8 and build on last weeks demolition of Carlton, while the Lions will be desperate to avoid a fifth straight loss. Expect a shoot out with little defence played this will be about as high scoring a game as you will see over the weekend, and it could get very ugly for Brisbane if the same Power team turn up as last week. Accurate kicking and sloppy Bulldogs defence kept the Lions in the game for a long period last week but eventually the cream rose to the top. It will be a very similar game here, the Lions will score plenty but the will let in more and the Power will not be as wasteful as they where last week. It will the same story for the Lions in the end too much left for too few to do while the Power will get a full 22 contributions and this will be the difference again. Wingard is over due for a big game he was close last week but just couldn’t go between the big sticks, wouldn’t surprise to see him kick a small bag.
Predict Port Adelaide by 41 points 
Bet tip Lions/Power game total under 26.5 behinds 

North Melbourne v Gold Coast

North could very easily be sitting 3-2 right now but instead find themselves 0-5 in a must win game just for the teams confidence if anything. They get the Suns at the right time after they got bullied by the Crows and will enjoy being back at Etihad stadium where they play their best football. The Suns best as we have seen has been good but the gap to their worst is still too far apart and they need to close this gap very quickly to be able to compete with the top tier sides. You know you will get a solid effort from the Kangaroos for at least three quarters and put themselves in a winnable position but it will come down to if the good or bad Suns turn up to play. Ablett will give them plenty of grunt but it whether the rest can stand up with him. The travel back from the West and the agonising loss last week would of taken something out of the Roo’s but will it be enough for the Suns to win. 
Predict North Melbourne win 3 points 
Bet tip draw $51
West Coast v Freemantle

The Western Derby does it get much bigger than this in the west and a week ago it seemed like it would be the Eagles by how far, how much things can change in a week. Aaron Sandilands will play his 250th but it’s not like the Dockers would need any,ore incentive to try to knock off their rivals. This game will come down to kicking a winning score, the Dockers don’t see, to have the fire power of the Eagles but the Eagles forwards are prone to misfiring in front of goal. The Dockers have shown a huge amount of character in their three wins so far this season and are looking at winning four in a row after being embarrassed in the first two weeks. The Eagles will need to bounce back after being embarrassed last week by the Hawks and would like to stay in the black at 4-2 if they win this. The Eagles will welcome back Mitchell but have made 2 other changes also, the Dockers have been forced to make one change and will miss what Hill brings to the side. The Dockers should get a bit of a start on the Eagles but expect the Eagles to take out the week long frustration on the Dockers late and if they can kick straight it will be enough to get them over the line.
Predict West Coast win 9 points
Bet tip wire to wire any other result $2.35

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