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Bet Doubles

Toward the end of 2018 #puntr and Bet Doubles crossed paths and starting to work together to build something for Australian punters of all skillsets and bankrolls.

Bringing you not only the best free tipping and resources but a friendly strictly moderated community to be involved with… so what is Bet Doubles?

Bet Doubles is a new and improved lottery type game, you press a button and get a selection and the remaining selections are for other users. In a nutshell it is like picking a number out of a hat or getting a ticket out of the barrel at your local RSL’s chicken raffle. They have cash games, and also have free games! All games, when they are ready will be posted on the #Puntr Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and or in the Newsletter you get when you chuck ya details in the online portal.

You stand the chance of winning up to $5000 for a tiny investment of $2 in this ridiculously easy lottery based on your favourite sports!

What are you waiting for – head on over to and register and account now to get in on the action.

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