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World’s Bestest Punters Club

From 30/10/2021 to 02/11/2021

The 2021 Worlds Bestest Punters Club will be held over 4 days and will include Horse Racing, NBA and NFL, all it will cost is $25 per share and you can purchase as many shares as you want. In order to play you must have a Ladbrokes account as this is where your winnings will be deposited into, all winnings will be deposited into your Lads account by 6pm AEDST on the 02/11/2021.

How to Play????

Simply just click here to join, once you have joined you will need to deposit $25 minimum into the club by clicking Menu – Club Settings – Fund Club Account (please try to pay in ‘Kitty’), $25 will give you 1 share, $50 2 shares etc…

There will be a dedicated thread that we will post links to the voting website Survey Planet so you can vote for horses, NBA and NFL teams, please try and submit your vote, rules for each survey will be shown on the actual survey.

On each day the admin for the punters club will place all the bets and show the slips for each bet in a dedicated thread on the #Puntr group (traditional Punters Clubs everyone has a go but for this punters club there will only be one punter).

WTF Is ‘The Worlds’s Bestest Punters Club’?

  • $25 per share.
  • 4 days of punting.
  • From your $25 – $10 towards Vic Derby day, $10 towards M Cup day and $2.50 on each of NFL Monday and NBA Sunday.
  • 75% All winnings from Sat/Sun/Mon to go towards MCUP.
  • All horse racing selections chosen from #puntr admin, #puntr approved tipsters and voting on the day (voting via Survey Monkey etc).
  • Derby Day (sat) we will Punt at both Sydney and Melbourne.
  • M Cup day we will only punt at Melbourne.
  • NBA Sunday we have 11 games which we will most likely have a 6 legger for last 6 games and some SGM.
  • NFL Monday we will have a 12, 6 and 3 legger plus another 5 legger voted by you plus a SGM for the primetime game (Dallas v Vikings).
  • For each race we will have a each way bet as voted by you guys + a place multi and a win multi.
  • For the main race (MCUP) we will have 3 horses to win, Trifecta, First 4 and something on the 3 worst Roughies to place.
  • BONUS if we get $1000 by next Friday (29th) in the kitty we will get to punt $1000 of bonus bets.
  • If we have $2000 in total, our days will look like this ($400 cash Vic Derby day + 250 bb, $100 NBA Sunday, $100 NFL Monday and $400 cash M Cup day + $750 in bb).
  • Let’s make this farkin massive, so tell ya mates.
  • All communication will be shown on the #puntr Facebook group, if you are not a member I suggest you join here –
  • Join punters club here –

Once you join the link above you need to deposit a minimum of $25 into the club either as a credit card transaction or through your Lads account.
It does not matter if you deposit into Kitty or Betting as it will be all into Betting by race day.



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