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‘Get me out of here!’: Ricciardo’s next teammate Nico Hulkenberg in freakish Abu Dhabi F1 crash


Published by Alex Blair, 26th November 2018 on

Carnage rained down on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the first lap as Nico Hulkenberg — who will be Daniel Ricciardo’s teammate next year at Renault — brushed wheels with Romain Grosjean and dramatically tumbled into the barrier.

The Renault star was left hanging upside down for almost three minutes as his car belched out smoke.

“Get me out of here! There is fire, there is fire,” he said from the cockpit.

A brief trip to the medical tent cleared Hulkenberg of injury as Grosjean escaped punishment for the collision.

Renault star Nico Hulkenberg left everyone with their jaws on the floor as he flipped and tumbled into the wall in the first lap.

Hulkenberg, who will be Daniel Ricciardo’s teammate next year, had his back wheels collide with Romain Grosjean through a corner and found himself upside down on the side of the track.

“I’m hanging here like a cow. Get me out! There’s fire, there’s fire,” Hulkenberg said over the radio.

Martin Brundle pointed out a clear disadvantage to the F1’s new halo system over the cockpit as emergency teams raced to remove Hulkenberg from the cockpit.

“This is where the halo is a problem, it doesn’t let you out,” Brundle mused.

“(But) Grosjean did nothing wrong there. I imagine he was in the blind spot of Hulkenberg there.”

Hulkenberg held his hands up to the crowd to signal he was fine as the rest of the field took to the pits during the safety car.

Stewards had a look at the incident but declined taking action against Grosjean.


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