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Introducing the South East Melbourne Phoenix, the NBL’s newest franchise


Published by Olgun Uluc, 17th November 2018 on

The NBL’s ninth franchise has just unveiled its name: the South East Melbourne Phoenix.

The team’s logo was also revealed, as well as its colours, with the aim to capture the imagery of a phoenix rising from the ashes; a mixture of ash grey, centurion green, and laser green.

“When we announced the team we asked the fans to give us their suggestions for a name. We received hundreds of names but eventually chose Phoenix, a name that represents the rebirth of basketball in South East Melbourne,” Phoenix general manager, Tommy Greer, said.

“Basketball has a proud heritage in South East Melbourne having produced some of Australia’s greatest players and teams. Now the fans once again have a team to call their own, the Phoenix.

“Not only do we think we it’s a strong name but we have chosen colours that will make a bold statement and help unite fans across South East Melbourne when we enter the NBL next season.”

Saturday’s announcement was the new — the ninth — NBL team’s first chance at creating its own identity, with a focus remaining around community engagement.

The signing of Simon Mitchell as head coach was also a nod to that, with the former Melbourne United assistant having developed strong roots around South East Melbourne.

“This is an exciting moment as we welcome Phoenix to the NBL,” NBL CEO, Jeremy Loeliger, said.

“Melbourne’s south east has long been the stronghold of basketball participation in Australia with about 100,000 of Victoria’s 240,000 total registered participants and it has a rich history in elite and community basketball.

“Melbourne United now has a strong foothold in the market, having won the NBL Championship last season and attracting sell-out crowds at Melbourne Arena. The time is right for the introduction of a second team in Melbourne and to rebuild the NBL rivalries that the city was known for in the 80s and 90s.”

Along with the unveiling of the team logo and colours, the Phoenix also officially launched its website —— along with its social channels — Twitter and Facebook — with the official hashtag announced as #RiseUpPhoenix.

More announcements regarding the new franchise are expected to come closer to Christmas.


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