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Brazilian Grand Prix 2018: Max Verstappen video shows him shove Esteban Ocon after Interlagos crash


Published by Jack Austin, 12th November 2018 on

Max Verstappen has been caught pushing Esteban Ocon after a furious exchange following the completion of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman was leading comfortably at Interlagos until he collided with the Force India driver on turn two as he looked to lap him.

Both drivers spun off the track leaving Lewis Hamilton to take advantage to win his 10th race of the season and Verstappen seething with race.

He called Ocon a “f***ing idiot” over the radio before flipping the bird at him as he drove off.

But that was not the end of it as Verstappen said over the radio: “I hope I can’t find him now in the paddock because that guy has a f***ing problem.”

Verstappen did find him however and the confrontation became physical.

“The rules say you are allowed to unlap yourself,” Ocon said. “I’m really surprised by the behaviour of Max … they need to stop (him) … becoming violent and pushing me.”

Nevertheless, Red Bull boss Christian Horner backed his driver. “I think Max has been quite restrained to be honest. He was lucky to get away with just a shove. What on earth Ocon was thinking about there just beggar’s belief.

“Why on earth is he racing the leader? He doesn’t have the pace … it just makes absolutely no sense at all.”

Both drivers were called to face the stewards after completing their media duties.



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