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One fan was evicted in Mudgee for racially abusing Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Jamie Young

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Published 10th November 2018 on

One Wanderers fan faces further punishment after being evicted from Mudgee’s Glen Willow Regional Sports Stadium for a vile racist comment.

The incident occurred during the Western Sydney Wanderers’ match against Brisbane Roar in regional Mudgee.

The Roar have confirmed goalkeeper Jamie Young was racially abused during the game, with a Wanderers fan heard calling Young a ‘monkey’. The goalkeeper then called out the fan and was heard responding with, ‘F*ck off, you racist c*nt!’.

The individual was immediately identified and kicked out of the stadium, but is certain to face further punishment by Football Federation Australia.

While Brisbane are understood to be satisfied with the action already taken, the fan will be put through the FFA’s banning process.

The unsavoury incident has soured what was an otherwise successful outing to Mudgee, which was part of the Wanderers’ new regional strategy.

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