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2018 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Quarterback position preview


By  Chris Towers Aug. 13, 2018 on

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We dove deep into our second position in our position preview series this week, as Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richard, and Heath Cummings broke down everything you need to know about the quarterback position.

It’s a fascinating time for the position in Fantasy. We don’t have anyone reaching the wild statistical heights Tom Brady and Peyton Manning reached a decade ago, but the overall health of the position may be better than ever. That means it’s easier than ever to find a passable starting quarterback, and everyone knows it. In one mock draft we did with a bunch of industry experts this week, no quarterbacks were taken in the first four rounds — Aaron Rodgers fell to No. 56 overall!

We’re at a point where conventional wisdom says to wait on a quarterback. Is that conventional wisdom right? And, even if it is, which quarterbacks should you target? And does that wisdom change in a two-QB league?

We tackled all of that this week. And a lot more. Like, a lot more. We published 20 brand new pieces of quarterback-centric content on CBS Fantasy this week. You won’t find this kind of coverage anywhere else, and once you’re done, you’ll know everything you need to know about the position.

And, if you missed it, we went in depth on tight ends last week. We’ll be covering running backs next week, followed by wide receivers. By the time we’re done, you’ll be an expert, too.

  • Five big questions at QB: Our trio of experts kicked the week off with a round table discussion on the position
  • QB Tiers 2.0: Dave Richard breaks down the QB position by draft tiers
  • QB overview and Draft Day strategy: Dave gives you a comprehensive strategy for how to approach the position
  • Regression candidates at QB: Heath Cummings gives you reasons for why last year’s standouts won’t repeat it
  • Jamey’s Sleepers, Breakouts, and Busts: Jamey Eisenberg gives you his picks for the position
  • Heath’s Sleepers, Breakouts, and Busts: Heath gives you his picks for the position
  • Expert QB rankings debate: Our experts defend their rankings in a round table discussion
  • No. 2 QBs with No. 1 upside: Jamey breaks down 20 QBs who could emerge as starters, and how they might get there
  • Early ADP review: Jamey takes a look at early values based on draft position
  • QB bye week cheat sheet: Don’t get caught without a replacement with Dave’s guide
  • Draft-to-stream guide: If you don’t want to invest heavily, you can still survive with streaming options
  • Heath’s Sleepers, Breakouts, and Busts for two-QB leagues: If you play in a deeper league, Heath’s got you covered
  • Upside/Downside for second-year QBs: Heath dives into the numbers to show the best and worst-case scenario
  • QB projections: Get exclusive access to Heath’s projections
  • QB Dynasty rankings: If you’re looking long-term, here’s how to rank them



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