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7 Deadly Sins Of Betting

1 – Bankroll Management – Easy to say so much harder to do! Picking the winners is relatively easy it’s the hard part keeping the money in the account when you start running into plenty of losses.

2 – Don’t Force Bets – Got the itch, had a few wins, feeling invincible? Then Stop betting right now because that next sure thing you are trying to force will cost you all your profit.

3 – Backing Favourites – Don’t take face value for a bet, do some research and look for the value in a race or sports event. How many time do we see the favourites get beaten? Too many times. Find the value

4. – Following Tips – Not just any tip but when some one says load up or it’s a sure thing then run the other way. Odds are the bloke has zero dollars in his betting account and has a whole $5 on the bet.

5. – Chasing Losses – Pretty simple, just don’t do it ever. Don’t, just don’t almost never will you succeed. How many times have you been down $100 then go one more to win it back and you lose by a nose or by the magical .5 of a line. Tomorrow is another day lick your wounds and try again with a fresh start

6. – Unit Size – If a bet is good enough to bet on then your bet size should stay the same whether it be $5 or $50. You can pick four games and range from 1 unit to 5 units win 3 out of 4 games and still be down. Keep your bets steady and the highs and lows will not be as bad.

7. – The Salesman – Touts, paid services especially sports picks not so much with horses as you are often buying ratings which are expensive. Majority of these so called services are a rip off and not worth the money. They use all the salesman tricks in the world to tell you how good they are but in reality there is 50 free tipping services for every paid service that are better.

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