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Secrets of Vegas Dave’s MLB Exposed!

You’ve all heard of Vegas Dave right? The cash-flashing fella who predicted the Royals World Series win and Atlanta Falcons Superbowl appearance…

There is no denying it, the guy is a flog – he ripped me off in 2016 by not delivering on his word.

Please allow me to share with you – his SYSTEM PLAY strategy… based from his introductory email when I purchased his service.

Do what you wish with the information, it is a well known system, the point here is – you don’t need to pay him hundreds of $$ to find out just how basic his strategy is.

The following rules apply for systems

Sometimes the series will be the best of 5 games or best of 7 depending on what round of the playoffs we are in. First round is best of 5 the next round and the WS is the best of 7 series. Know how many games there are so you can manage your bankroll. For the first game of the series, you’ll want to bet ONE unit on the team I send you. If we win that game, we are done for the series. We’ve won. Wait for the next email. If the team loses, you double your bet to TWO units if they win we are done. If the team loses the second game, you double that bet to FOUR units on game three, if they win game three we are done. And in the cases we play a 4 game series then you double to 8 units on game 4 if need be.

· Example:
o Game 1: Bet (1) Unit; If team wins we stop betting the series. We’ve WON!!!
o Game 2: If we lose Game 1, we bet (2) units; if team wins we stop betting the series.
o Game 3: If we lose Game 2, we bet (4) units; if team wins we stop betting the series.
o Game 4 (if applicable): If we lose game 3, we bet (8) units.

If it’s a favorite like -150 u can lay $150 to win $100 if you like. This is up to you. Just remember, if we lose, you’ll have to double up on your initial bet. Your target goal is to win one unit per series. Below is an example we used earlier in the season where we lost game one and then won game two with KC and they were the favorites both games

some of u are still confused and think all u do is double after a loss, and thats true if we are playing an underdog at + money. However KC is a slight favorite in this series so u would double after a loss and add the juice. For example
if ur unit is 100 a game see below
yesterday game one kc was -120 favorites so u would lay 120 to win 100 which lost
so today lets say they are -130 u just don’t double to 240 only if the line was even money or + money they are -130
so u would bet 290 today. 290 at -130 juice wins 223 back out the 120 loss from yesterday u net 103
ur goal is to net what ur unit is per series.. To find out odds go to hit mlb, then vegas odds,
u can then google parlay calculator and type in the odds to figure out how much to bet each game. Again we only win game one 20 perc of the time. Many games get to game 3-4 gets really intense. So be prepared. Takes
a little bit of effort and basic math to figure out how much to bet each day but u guys are all adults and can read and write. Also email me only some of u have my number stop texting me!!!
Hope this helps!!

When we are betting on an underdog, we follow the above system where u just straight double, no math needed. When we’re betting on a favorite, it’s a little different. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE EMAILING ME. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

· Example (using $100 as (1) Unit, and the line on our team at -120):
o Game 1: Bet $120. If team wins we stop betting the series. We’ve WON!!!
o Game 2: If we lose Game 1, we bet to WIN (2) units. Lets say worse case the line is -150 then we bet Bet $300 ( 300 to win 200 to win $200 or (2) units; if team wins we stop betting the series.
Then follow this for the rest of the series in games 3 and 4 if need be.
Now when dealing with a favorite it will take an elementary math level to calculate how much you have to lay each game to make sure u can profit a unit per series you can do it! lol

Now please listen, we only won 25% of the time on game one last year. We don’t panic if we lose game one or two. We just need to win the final games. Now u can only imagine how crazy it would be if we have 3 system plays in one week and they are all on the final game of the series, so strategize your bankroll and manage your money. . It’s nice to win game one, but getting to game 3 or even game 4 (if its a 4 game series) gives us bigger payouts. Its nice to win game one, no sweating at all, but if we get an underdog +130 on a game 3 or 4 the payouts are huge. Please note the playoffs are very hard a lot harder than the regular season, its all the best teams playing each other so do not bet a ton of money on the playoffs.

Our first system play is tomorrow. We are taking the royals in game one for one unit. Again if we win game one we are done with that series. If we lose game one follow the rules of the welcome email.
Our second system play is tomorrow as well its the rangers run line +1.5 runs ( I cannot give out a -250 favorite with the blue jays with this system) Please note for games one and if need be game two take the rangers run line +1.5 runs.( when they are on the road at toronto,) +1.5 runs is still +105 for tomorrows games. If we don’t win game one or two then games 3 and if need be game 4 you would just take the rangers money line not run line when they play at home.

I will have the national league system plays sent out tomorrow for you
Weekly Plays
Some of you are asking if I do weekly plays? Weekly plays u only have to hit 56% to make money on them and am currently hitting about 71% all on straight bets. I will give u weekly plays If I like something however If u want to make money and can just be patient bet the system plays only!!!
Todays leans are under first five innings 2.5 runs for pirates and cubs
under 5.5 runs total pirates and cubs
pirates alternate run line +2.5 runs
If u can just wait for the system plays tomorrow todays wild card game is a crap shoot, but Im just letting u know my thoughts If i had a gun to my head.

Also make sure u have ur future bets in on KC to win the WS I believe its +400 and as a back up I have the rangers, right now they are plus 1000



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