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CP3 to Rockets – welcome to the future of the NBA super teams 

The rise of another super team…… maybe? Will the Rockets join the Cavs and Warriors on the tier of super team with its latest acquisition. Chris Paul will head to the Rockets in a huge trade that will see six players including Beverly who was named in all NBA defensive team last week along with former 6th man of the year Lou Williams and 2015 18th pick Sam Dekker. 
This is a huge gamble for the Rockets who are going all in with Paul. Paul is now 32 years old with possibly 2-3 years left at the top of his game before the decline and he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire the past couple seasons missing plenty of games with injury. Paul and Griffen have both been criticised for not being able to get the Clippers out of the second round of finals in the past six years. 
The trade leaves the Rockets a little thin on the roster but will trying to lure another big name free agent to bolster their stocks. This is the second big name trade since the draft after the Chicago Bulls basically threw up the white flag and entered full rebuild mode trading away Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves. 
The silly season has well and truly begun in the NBA expect a few more big trades over the coming weeks as we see the super team period of the NBA begin. 
It’s become a weapons race and a competition of the haves and have nots, who has the money to buy a shot at the championship right now and those who may have to wait build and try to look to a one in five years from now. 

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