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After one of the most boring predictable NBA finals series in history we arrive to the Finals with the two teams everyone knew would be there right back at the start of the season. The Warriors yet to taste defeat in the finals and have on,y lost one game in the past 25 outings, it’s an imposing record. With absolute stars in just about every position on the floor the Warriors will be looking to atone for last years defeat and win their second championship in three years. The Cavs much like the Warriors have stars all over the floor and have added a lot of shooting to their side. 
Golden State Warriors

The Warriors lead the league in points per game, assists, and steals, while are top three for three pointers made, three point percentage, free throw percentage field goal percentage, rebounds per game and blocks per game. 

The addition of Kevin Durant in the off season to add to their big three Curry, Thompson and Green was seen by a lot of people as almost unsportsmanlike. Here was a team that had a regular season record of 73 wins 9 losses and where 3-1 up in the finals against the Cavs before the unbelievable happened. Then add arguably besides Lebron, the most versatile dominant player in the game. 

The Warriors are one of the best passing teams not just in assist’s but in general play they move the ball around until one of their players get the open shot, there is not a lot of driving to the basket they are a catch and shoot side or they pull up and shoot.

The Warriors swept through the playoffs so far and yes the controversy surrounding game one against the Spurs but the Spurs can only blame themselves for that loss to give up the lead the way they did was unacceptable. The remainder of the series while the the Warriors did it with relative ease it almost looked like they were either looking ahead to the Finals or that there are a few chinks in the Warrior armour. 

With the home court advantage were they have a 36-5 record through the regular season it is a tough ask for anyone to have to go there and win at least one game to get the advantage. 

For the Warriors to win they will need a big defensive effort the Cavs are a stronger inside team who can also bang in three pointers. The Warriors do not just want to make this a shoot out or they may find themselves chasing the Cavs. They need to try to stick to their tempo move the ball around and keep knocking down their shots. 

They have so many weapons with their shooting with Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green and Iguodala on the floor at one time they can bomb it from anywhere. 

The Warriors have been a lot smarter this season resting players when needed unlike last year when players like Curry tried to play with niggling injuries. 

Overall the Warriors are a standout team it’s hard to see the, losing a seven game series but if we learnt anything from last year it’s that they can be vulnerable but they should of learnt lessons from that and will not have the same mental and physical fade out.

Cleveland Cavaliers 

The Cavaliers much like the Warriors some how managed to improve over the off season adding more depth to their already star studded lineup. 

The Cavs despite their regular season record are a better team than last year, yes Lebron is still the man but gets a lot more support from the rest of the team now. 

While the Cavs do not match the Warriors in the stat categories few would argue that they are one of the best. They lead the league in field goal percentage and three point percentage and are second only behind Warriors in points per game. Offensively they are rated higher than the Warriors which is hard to believe considering the Warriors offensive weapons. 

While shooting for the Cavs is exceptional they do drive the ball well also, How can you forget Kyrie’s little play against the Celtics. He drives, pulls up, shakes n bakes better than anyone in the NBA. 

For the Cavs to win they can’t just make it a shootout, they need to at least match the Warriors in defensive effort. The Celtics got the better of the Cavs for one game and it was on the back of excellent hustle and hard running transition, something the Warriors do well. 

Look for the Cavs to spread the floor early hit up their corner 3 point shots with Kevin love it will bring the defence to him and open up the driving lane for Kyrie and Lebron.

The Cavs showed everyone last year the fight they have and you can never write them off. This year they face the Warriors in a better position than the last two seasons so will give themselves every reason to believe they can win it all again. 


Warriors win in 6 no 5 wait no Cavs in 7 or 6. How do you split the these two giant super teams. Both equally as devastating on offence with the Warriors having the edge on defence. Can Lebron lift himself up further into the greatest ever debate by beating a team that many consider unbeatable. Will the Warriors extract their revenge on last year and build on their dynasty. 

There is something about this Cavs side, they have positioned themselves all year for a the title defence. Lost their last four games of the season just to rest players when they could of got top seed in the East. While the Warriors finished with the best record in the NBA and rested players along the way there seems to be a fragility about them. Last years loss is still fresh in the mind and while they swept through the West it was not as convincing as it should of been. 
Cleveland to go back to back win the series 4-2 

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