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Round 10 Review 

Cats in a thriller but…….This game will be remembered more for a handful of umpiring decisions than it will be for the brilliant game of football it was. Right until the last few seconds either side could of and should of won the game. The most talked about decision will be the Dixon 30 second play on, to the letter of the law the umpire got it right it was bang on the clock but it took him a few seconds to get to his feet after taking a nice pack mark. So should the clock only start then imagine if this was for a premiership is it in the spirit of the game hell no. Fair chance Dixon misses the kick anyway but surely a bit of commonsense should prevail. It’s was a bit of individual brilliance from Danger that got the Cats over the line but besides Selwood, Wines and Polec it was such an even spread of talent on both sides that made every contest great to watch.
Best 3 votes Dangerfield 2 votes Polec 1 vote Selwood

Hawks stun Swans 

This should of been a Swans victory, the Hawks staggering and wounded the Swans getting their season back on track but from the opening bounce it was the Hawks who showed all the fight. The Swans would rally during the second quarter but the Hawks would push back again taking a 4 goal lead into the half. You kept waiting for the Swans to push past the Hawks and late in the third quarter the Swans closed the gap to under a goal. The Swans started the last quarter well and kicked the first two goals and you thought they had finally broken the Hawks but the Hawks where not done there was glimpses of seasons past in the win the bully tactics, the hard nosed grinding victory. The icing on the cake was Roughheads goal with a minute to go to put the Hawks in front for the final time. Buddy Franklin tried to carry the whole Swans side on his shoulders at times and played a brilliant solo game.
Best 3 votes Smith 2 votes Kennedy 1 vote Franklin

Dogs top classy 

The Saints where given a good football lesson getting a little touch up by 40 points from the Bulldogs. On paper this looked like an instant classic the Champs vs a serious contender turns out the Saint have more bark than bite. The opening quarter was what most expected tough, tight and exciting to watch. The second term started the same but you could feel the Dogs starting to get on top around the ground and started to assert their dominance. By the end of the third it was game over the Dogs had ran the Saints out of the game. The Saints matched the Dogs and even won most stat categories but the Dogs just showed the difference between a top 4 side and a mid range side. When the pressure was on the Dogs stood up. Jake Stringer with 5 goals in a Buddy type show of brilliance. 
Best 3 votes Johannisen 2 votes Newnes 1 vote Stringer
Demons demolish the Suns

It was a game of two halves, the first half saw the best of the Ablett less Suns, they looked fresh, hungry, skilful and well on their way to picking up another win. It has been a season of curse breaking to the Demons and they had yet to win a game at TIO stadium and it look like it would continue. Not long into the third quarter the Suns had extended the lead past 30 points from there it was one way traffic, something sparked the Demons and kicking the next 7 goals of the game and outscored the Suns 14 goals to 4 goals. It was a very dominant display by the Demons their midfield far to strong for the Suns, Oliver, Lewis, jones and Tyson among the best.
Best 3 votes Melksham 2 votes Oliver 1 vote Lewis

Tigers back on the winners list

All game you kept thinking they are going to do it again, the Tigers are going to find a way to lose another game. The Bombers threw everything at them Daniher kicked 3 goals, Zaharakis, Heppell and Merrett where giving the Tigers plenty of trouble. It was Rance who managed to finally shut Daniher down and gave the Tigers the edge they needed in a very even battle through the midfield. Martin was again best but had plenty of support from Ellis, Houli and Cotchin. Keeping the Bombers goalless for the final term was a massive feat and ended up being the difference between winning and losing. The Tigers missed plenty of opportunities in front of goal and could of won by more had they converted better. It was the win they had to have to get the confidence back going forward and gave them a bit of breathing space in the top 8
Best 3 votes Martin 2 votes Zaharakis 1 vote Ellis

Dockers embarrassed 

In almost monsoonal conditions the Crows handled the ball like it was a perfect night for football. The Dockers where reduced to training cones for most of the night as the /crows did as they pleased from the opening bounce. The Wet conditions should of kept this game close on its own, that it ended up being 100 point win for the Crows just showed how bad the Dockers game was. It was like watching men against boys as the Crows dominated from the middle. The only surprise was that it wasn’t Walker and Betts kicking 5 goals each it was Otten with 4 that lead the way for the Crows. The Crouch brothers look like were made for wet weather football along with Rory 

Atkins and Sloane. The Crows now have a chance to assert themselves as standout premiership favourites against the Cats this weekend with a trip to Skilled Stadium.
Best 3 votes M Crouch 2 votes Atkins 1 vote Sloane 

Bad kicking keeps it close

The Lions were lucky, this could of been 100 points plus loss had they been playing just about anyone else. Collingwood got the job done easy 7 goal win but with 20 more scoring shots than the Lions they should of been on the end of a big percentage boost. Collingwood dominated possession taking twice as many marks and over 100 more possessions than the Lions. Hard to get to excited about such a poor performance from both sides if Collingwood do not manage to get a big focal point in the forward line they will continue to under achieve. 
Best 3 votes Pendlebury 2 votes Sidebottom 1 vote Adams

North survive in gutsy win

Take nothing away from Carlton they battled hard, they pushed all game but just did not have the polish that the Kangaroos had. A seven goal opening blitz set the Roo’s up for the win and they extended the lead to over 40 points during the second quarter before the Blues had a chance to gather themselves. The Blues finished the half strong and managed to peg back the lead to a manageable and respectable 25 points. North seemed to have stopped, in the third term with the Blues full run and outscored North 5 goals to 1 in the term to only trail by 2 points going into the last quarter. The Blues hit the lead early and North looked out of gas but dug deep and managed to kick a couple of settling goals to hold out the Blues. 
Best 3 votes Gibbs 2 votes Higgins 1 vote Cripps

Giants in a close one

The Game of the day between the Eagles and Giants with the Giants holding in in an epic last quarter. The margin never got out past 3 goals with the Eagles in control and in front for majority of the game. The result may have been different had Kennedy not got injured, it was just the break the Giants needed to pinch the lead and hold off the desperate Eagles. Gaff and Mitchell went did everything they could for the Eagles but it was the class of Ward, Greene and Kelly that gave the Giants the upper hand. The Giants are now locked in the top 4 with the Crows with two very winnable games before they get to the bye. The Eagles drop to 6th and have the Suns this week to sure up there top 8 spot before they get a week off. 
Best 3 votes Greene 2 votes Gaff 1 vote Ward

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