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Round 5 Sunday Preview

Today’s clashes are both very significant, the Cats and Saints will see either the Cats cement themselves in the top 4 or the Saints stake a claim on a top 8 spot, and the Hawks and Eagles, the Eagles like the Cats trying to take a claim on a top 4 spot but it’s the winless Hawks with more to win than any of them as a team looking to salvage its season.
Geelong v Saint Kilda 

Can the Cats keep marching on to 5 wins or will the Saints straighten up in front of goal go marching into the 8. These two sides are pretty evenly matched believe it or not the Cats have only a very small edge across the ground but it’s up forward that they beat the Saints, more so the accuracy not the talent.

Saints are one of the heaviest scoring shot teams in the league but thus far have been on of the most inaccurate which has already cost it at least one win.

The Cats on the other hand are on of the more accurate teams in the league and this has proven pivotal in a couple of there wins this season so far. I would love to see Riewoldt play out of full forward it gives the Saints a focal point like Hawkins does for the Cats, It would straighten them up in front and help there scoring across the board.

Today the Cats will be too accurate for the Saints.
Predict Geelong win 29 points
Bet tips Cats under 12.5 behinds $1.90 cats -14.5 $1.90

Hawthorn v West Coast

Lucky for Hawks fans this game is in Melbourne, because if it was in the West it would be a 10 gol win to the Eagles not just the 5 goal win today. 

It’s still hard to believe how far the Hawks have fallen, they are a very proud playing unit and team they will bounce back hard at some point and show glimpses of what they once where but this season is done.

If the good Eagles turn up and by that I mean the Eagles of Round 1 and 2 where they where impressive in front of goal not the side that lost to Tigers and just got over top of Saints, they win this comfortably. It’s disappointing that Sam Mitchell won’t get to play against the Hawks I think he would of had a blinder, the Eagles will miss his grunt in the midfield but will still have enough to get on top of the Hawks. The Hawks have been in games until half time then get over run and think today will be the same.
Predict Eagles win 27 points
Bet tips wire to wire any other result $2.10

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