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Round 4 Review 

Eagles add more pain to SwansThursday night footy delivered once again this time the Eagles produced the goods with a hard fought victory over the Swans. The Eagles now put themselves into a great spot for an assault on the top 4 for the rest of the year while the Swans will be praying they get some players back and in form very soon. The Swans started the season as Premiership favourites but find themselves at the bottom of the table 0-4 and the Giants this week is a scary prospect. The Eagles where lead by Gaff with 28 touches and 2 goals, Shuey was brilliant again and Cripps chimed in with 3 goals. Kennedy, Lloyd and Parker busted their gut but it wasn’t enough the Swans just lacking across the field. The Eagles just have no passengers and will take a hell of an effort for anyone to beat them at home only concern was a possible injury to Sam Mitchell but seemed to be ok.

3 votes Gaff 2 votes Shuey 1 vote Lloyd
Great Friday Footy

What started as a pretty poor spectacle ended up being one hell of a match they Roo’s again found a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. The game was frustrating to watch early poor goal kicking and horrible turnovers with a few moments of great skill for the first 3 quarters. The last quarter was the complete opposite highly skilled and some brilliant goal kicking, right up to the final 20 seconds you just where not sure who was going to win and unfortunately is was a poor kick that cost the Roo’s the final attack of the game.Cunnington and Ziebell almost dragged the Kangas across the line with Brown kicking 4 goals but it wasn’t enough with Dahlhaus and Sucklimg 2 goals and 25 plus touches each. Bontempelli was good as was Stringer with Murphy showing few signs of age and recovery from his knee. Considering the injuries the Dogs still have if they can keep hanging with the top 4 they will be a huge chance to go back to back when back at full strength

3 votes Dahlhaus 2 votes Cunnington 1 vote Suckling
Dockers finding belief

The scoreboard doesn’t tell the whole story just before half time the Demons where 27points up and you where starting to think how much they will win by, The Dockers snuck a late goal and went into the half with a little hope. Dockers opened the second half in a blaze of glory and booted 7 unanswered goals and kept the Demons goal less. It was a match winning quarter but the Demons where not done and it took a little bit of luck and brilliance by Cam McCarthy to put the Dockers in front for the final time at the 29th minute. Both side had a very even spread of players contribute but it was Neale, Mundy and Fyfe that got the Dockers over the line, Petracca and Harmes among Melbourne’s best with Tyson. Both sides now 2-2 and in touch with the 8 Demons will be looking forward to the return of a couple players and Dockers will try to continue to build.

3 votes Mundy 2 votes Neale 1 vote Fyfe
Giants surge past Power

It took until the last quarter but the Giants finally got on top and kicked 5 goals to 1 point to run away 31 point winners. It was goal for goal from the opening bounce and was never more than a goal in it at the end of each quarter. The game was on a knife edge and could of gone either way and it was going to need someone to stand up and make a stand, it was Patton back from injury and again Toby Greene both with 2 last quarter goals that took the game by the scruff of the neck and won. Patten ended with 6 and Greene with 4 himself. Shiel and Kelly gave them plenty of run and it was enough to run over the Power a couple injury concerns heading into this week but will look to keep the Swans winless. The Power show so many signs of breaking games open but just could not quite get there and was a very even performance but they needed their stars to shine a bit brighter. 

3 votes Greene 2 votes Shiel 1 vote Patton 
The Suns rises give Carlton the Blues after half time.

It was a brilliant first half kicking display by the big forward Lynch that kept the Suns kicking 5 straight out of his teams 6, for the Blues it was some poor kicking that let them down and should have been further than 5 points up at the half. The third quarter was all one way traffic as the Suns unloaded 7 goals to 1 and the last 6 goals to lead by 32 points at the final change. The last quarter started with a Blues goal then like the third the Suns kicked away again kicking the next 3, the accuracy in front of goal a big difference in the game. Ablett amongst the best will Matera and Lynch for the Blues it was Murphy and Docherty doing the damage but too many passengers for the Blues. Lynch finished with 7 straight in an outstanding individual effort.

3 votes Matera 2 Votes Ablett 1 vote Lynch 
Crows put on a clinic 

From the opening bounce it was just bang bang bang and the game was over, it’s not that the Dons where playing that badly it’s just the Crows where just too good. Walker and Betts where just irresistible kicking 5 each and had the ball on a string. The Rory’s Sloane and Laird had the ball on a string and dominated through the midfield, the Bombers had Merret, Goddard and Heppel playing well but the Crows where just too good. The third was a real lull in the game the Bombers had a few chances to peg the lead back but inaccurate kicking cost them getting 7 behinds in a row and keeping the crows to just 2 goals while kicking 3 themselves to narrow the gap a little. 

3 votes Betts 2 votes Sloane 1 vote Laird 
Saints win ugly

Anyone hoping for a good game of footy would be disappointed, very few highlights from the game in a low scoring unskilled affair. Collingwood where terrible in front of goal and should of been up by more at quarter time, it left the door open for the Saints who by half time had managed to squeeze out a 1 goal lead but also where erratic in front of goal. The third was much of the same. It was dominated by the swans kicking a game winning 4 goals 5 behinds, the last saw a bit of fight from the Pies and at a point looked like they may get back into it but left it too late. Saints to good and have a shot at the top 8 from here while the Pies will be need to go back to the drawing board it’s time for a big change at the Pies.

3 votes Adams 2 votes Ross 1 vote Billings
Tiger bandwagon keeps on rolling 

4-0 best start to a season in over 20 years for the Tigers and you can feel the excitement bubbling over. The Lions where not completely disgraced and did show plenty of signs of fight Beams, Zorko and Martin in the ruck where among the Lions best. The tigers got off to a good start and where never headed Riewoldt and Castagna where both brilliant up forward and Grigg was best for the Tigers, bit of an off game for Martin and Cotchin but is a good sign that they don’t need to be relied upon to win games every week.

3 votes Grigg 2 votes Zorko 1 vote Castagna
Was this Pies Saints take 2

The game was a lot more skilled to watch but the result pretty much the same horrible kicking for goal, Hodge is still one of the best going around and almost single handedly kept the Hawks in the game. Duncan, Dangerfield and Motlop all played well but the story of the day was the poor goal kicking. The third quarter the Cats managed to straighten up a little and it was enough to establish a game winning lead. The final term was one way traffic all Cats with the first 4 goals and the food gates opened. This leaves the Hawks sitting winless after 4 rounds now and in big trouble this season while Cats sit perched unbeaten in the top 3. 

3 votes Motlop 2 votes Hodge 1 vote Duncan 

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