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NBA West Round 1 Preview

The NBA season is finally into the pointy end of the season and ever since Durant went to the Warriors I’ve been counting down the days until the finals started, the whole season has pretty much gone to script no real surprises as to who made the finals if you put down your top 8 teams in each conference at the start of the season most bar a few die hard supporters wouldn’t have had much variation.
How the West was won! Do we just skip the playoffs and get straight to Cavs and Warriors in the Championship series, we probably could yes but then we would miss out in so much in the West. The West has a lot to offer compared to the East which looks a little bland
1.Warriors v 8. Blazers

Warriors back at full strength will want to get this over quickly and they will, Lillard will put up a show and drop a couple 40 point games but it wont be enough and it may not even be enough to win a single game. There have been many questions about the Warriors depth and I don’t think it will matter in the first round they are just too good and been here before and will come out and get the job done.
Predict Warriors 4-0

2.Spurs v 7.Grizzlies

I’m kinda disappointed in this matchup I would love to have seen the Grizzlies take on the Warriors in round 1 I think it would have been a great series as the Grizzlies are one team that the Warriors struggle with. The ever reliable Spurs just keep winning games year after year, for old times sake would love to see them win another Championship but the have to get past the Grizzlies first. They have split the regular season games 2-2 and their scoring averages both go way below the season averages in tight defensive games. I expect the whole series to be this way and it going to at least 6 games the winner of this series is realistically the only major threat to the Warriors (sorry Rockets fans)
Predict Spurs win 4-2

3.Rockets v 6.Thunder

MVP MVP MVP will be chanted in both stadiums, Harden will be one of the unluckiest MVP runner ups in the history of the game and while Westbrook is very deserving and has done a lot to drag his team to where it is I can’t see them going very far in the finals because of the reliance on him. Harden has adjusted his previous selfish game style and has made his team a lot better all round and while the fairy tail of the Thunder v Warriors would be sweet it would be a 4-0 win to the Warriors. This series will be exciting high scoring and you will see two of the best players going head to head the winner of this series should win MVP. Rockets should have a bit too much class in the end but the Thunder know no other way than to gout all guns blazing.
Predict Rockets 4-2

4.Clippers v 5.Jazz

A sleeping giant killer emerges from this series the up and coming Jazz who have added some pretty handy offence to their already good defence and the Clippers who shoulda coulda woulda but somehow don’t. They have remarkably well to get into the 4th place in the West after jumping out the blocks injury almost derailed the season to recover and build to where they are now. They hold a 3-1 edge over the Jazz in the regular season and think they will get it done here in a very exciting match up. The Jazz are a year away from being a real threat while the Clippers have been here before a know how to win, well not always they tend to find a way to mess it up at times but should still cover the Jazz. The winner gets a crack at the Warriors and that will be very very interesting.
Predict Clippers 4-2

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