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Thursday Footy Treat

One of two things happen tonight, Eagles cement themselves as a real top 4 chance or Swans find themselves sitting 0-4 to start the season and will be pushing the proverbial Sugar Honey Iced Tea up hill to squeeze into the top 8 if they don’t get a wriggle on.

The Swans and Eagles have shared a great rivalry over the past decade the two Grandfinals they played off in where very special, The Swans have had the edge winning 4 of the past 5 games by an average of over 30 points but this has been on a period of dominance for the Swans and an Eagles rebuild.

So much riding on a game so early in the season and if it was being played outside of W.A. I would think Swans would walk away with a good win. Eagles will be seething over last weeks poor kicking where they should of had the Tigers on the ropes by half time but let them in and cost the game. Swans are still well below full strength and have been playing a lot of younger players, the Eagles are battle hardened and at home will be too strong around the ground for the Swans.
Predict Eagles by 30 (if they kick straight)
Bet tip eagles win $1.80 Ladbrokes

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