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NBA Eastern Conference Round 1

The NBA season is finally into the pointy end of the season and ever since Durant went to the Warriors I’ve been counting down the days until the finals started, the whole season has pretty much gone to script no real surprises as to who made the finals if you put down your top 8 teams in each conference at the start of the season most bar a few die hard supporters wouldn’t have had much variation. 

We start with the East and pretty much it’s Cavs then Raptors then depending on a few things Celtics, Wizards and Atlanta the next 4 throw a blanket over Bulls, Heat, Bucks and Pacers. The Celtics jumped to 1st in the conference after the Cavs dropped their last 4 games resting players getting them right for another assault at the Championship, no one could pinch top from the Warriors so it was about getting cherry ripe! The Heat missed the play offs due to its record vs the Bulls but it won’t matter they won’t advance regardless. Let’s take a look at the play off bracket.
1.Boston v 8.Chicago 

Little chance of an upset here but the Celtics should win this in 5-6 games, the bulls match up well as a team in almost all stat categories and split the season 2 games a piece. The bulls have an edge in rebounding across the season which they will need every one to beat this Celtics side. Against other Eastern conference sides the Celtics have a big advantage over the Bulls in 3 point shooting and assists this is where the series and games will be won and lost. If the Celtics are allowed to move the ball around the arc and get open shots they win. 

Predict Celtics win 4-2 
2.Cavs v 7.Pacers 

Will LBJ cement himself as the greatest of this era if he hasn’t already, Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, and Duncan leaders of their teams to multiple championships, If last season showed anything it was how great this man is. Pacers will cause a head ache for a few minutes here and there but the Cavs are far too good, they won the regular season 3-1 and unless they plan on resting players in the finals this should be over pretty quickly. Love is the only player under any real injury cloud but should be back by second round or if they please the Conference finals. The Cavs will have far too much fire power for the Pacers and will use this series to start building momentum.

Predict Cavs win 4-1
3.Raptors v 6.Bucks 

Possibly the most exciting series of the first round in the East, the Raptors been solid for the past couple seasons without really dominating, can match it with the best at times but just don’t seem to be in the same class as Cavs, Warriors, spurs etc. The bucks get me excited, young up and coming team that will win by 20 one day against the Cavs then drop a game to the Lakers. The Bucks are a tough team lead by the Greek freak and although may not go deep they can definitely ruffle lots of feathers in the East. The Raptors have the depth and have the Bucks covered in most stat categories and should win the series but the Bucks just have that X factor and they may be a year away still but think they can take a big scalp here.

Prediction Bucks win 4-3
4.Wizards v 5. Hawks 

I just can not get excited by this series two mid range teams that just don’t have the excitement about them. They both are winning teams but I just can’t see either of them getting through to the conference finals, feel the Wizards have enough to dispatch the Hawks here it will be workman like with no real highlights. These are two teams that need to either have a semi rebuild or full rebuild to have a real crack at the East either in the next couple years or in 5 years from now. 

Predict wizards win 4-2 

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