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AFL Round 3 Preview 

Giants v Roos 

You have to feel bad the Roos poor kicking in round 1 hurt them then after leading all game against Cats got beaten in the last kick of the day. The giants on the other hand are coming off their greatest win in the clubs short history but played the sort of footy that the football public expected from them. Small chance of a couple mm of rain so won’t affect the game at all, both teams are high scoring letting in over 100 points on average this season so far, I expect a shootout in this game and for the heat to be on early. Giants will expect a massive lift from Griffen this week he has been a bit flat the first 2 games, Cameron is hot on the heels of Kennedy in the goal kicking and would expect at least another 3-4 goals today the 9 million dollar man will be out to show everyone he is worth the price the kanga are rumoured to be throwing around. This becomes a statement game for the Giants go 2/1 and keep heading up and keep the Roo’s winless.They won’t get it all their own way the Roo’s have some elite players in Ziebell and Higgins and with Waite still out I really do like the forward structure, the loss of Thompson down back is a bit tougher to cover with the Giants powerhouse forwards and I think this will be the difference in the end.
Predict Giants by 30 points

Bet tip ward 30 disp/Cameron 3 goals $4 GWS 1-39 $2.30

Tigers v Eagles 

Almost game of the round…… and still could be.

Both sides undefeated and been playing some very good football, tigers have looked amazing in patches and have done everything they have needed to so far as have the Eagles, both sides play very exciting hard running football style and have both been very good in front of goal especially the Eagles it has almost won them both their games so far. The Eagles have a slight edge in the midfield but Tigers have the X factor, Eagles forwards are a strength but countered by the Tigers top defence. The key matchup and game winning match up could very well be Rance vs Kennedy, if Rance can keep Kennedy to under 3 goals they go along way to winning this game. A top 4 spot is up for grabs with 6 of the undefeated sides playing each other today. This game is a coin toss and will come down to the brilliance of a few and the game will be won in the midfield, it’s here the Eagles with Mitchell, Gaff, Priddid, Shuey and more will get the edge around the ground, Tigers are not slouches but just feel the Eagles get on top. Expect high scoring these sides both just run and gun which will also benefit the Eagles, it wouldn’t surprise me if Tigers win but just go past the Eagles yet.
Predict Eagles by 12 points 
Bet tip over 189 points $1.91 team to first 6 behinds tigers $2.17

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