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AFL Round 2 – REVIEW

The near perfect round or so it seemed. Most games won by those expected to, but some were not as easy as predicted!

Richmond vs Collingwood
Season over for Collingwood and if its not goodbye Buckley by seasons end, we will be very surprised, They have the cattle to do better they just seem to lack spark and direction and the most basic of skills at times. For two weeks now Collingwood have won or broken even on key stats; disposals by 40, hit outs 49-21 – this should have given the Pies first use and with their midfield should have wiped the floor but they could not convert. Clearances, inside 50’s, tackles all pretty much split down the middle. The usual suspects for Collingwood played well Treloar is special, Pendlebury is all class and they have an excitement speedster in Hoskin-Ellitot, Grundy looks to have taken the next step as a ruckman but as a team they are woeful when going forward with poor decision making and efficiency letting them down. The Tigers on the other hand, will be exciting to watch for the season one way or the other. They where lead so brilliantly by their captain Cotchin 26 touches and 2 Goals and Martin – no stopping him at some point he will burst through and get you. They are not a two man team by any stretch, Rance is fast becoming if not already the number one defender in the league. The game was evenly balanced through out the first half and low scoring poor kicking for goal as the half came to a close it looked like Collingwood would go on with it closing the half the better and should have been further in front finishing with 9 behinds and only 4 goals. Start of the third quarter the struggle resumed until about the 10 minute mark and the Tigers took control and by the end of the quarter had eroded Collingwood slim lead. The last quarter had a few highlights – the game never really looked in doubt for the Tigers every time the Pies threatened, Cotchin and Martin had the answers. I hope the Tigers don’t try to keep a lid on it, keep them fired up the kamikaze style works well for the them and have a feeling they will be 3-0 after this week and good luck containing the momentum then.
Best – Treloar 3 votes, Cotchin 2 votes, Martin 1 vote.

Swans vs Bulldogs
Wow just wow – this game had it all. The swans jumped out early and looked like a team on a mission to redeem themselves and show that last week was an aberration and after 15 minutes you where thinking Swans by how far, but this is the Premiers they’re playing. The Swans lead hit 23 points in that first quarter before the Dogs got rolling. Tippet went down early and seemed to be just the little break the Dogs needed to get a foot in the door. From there it was all the Dogs by the end of the quarter they had pegged the lead back to 7 points – it was game on! The second quarter was an arm wrestle for the first 10 minutes but by half time the Dogs had the initiative and a slender lead. The third quarter got underway and it was all Dogs, they seemed to do nothing wrong the Bont was irresistible, Lin Jon and Libba where solid and JJ was showing signs of exploding but then it was the Swans turn to have a run. They closed the third with a couple late goals and exploded early in the last to hit the lead by 2 points. Again you where left wondering which way the game was going to go, such big swings in fortune. Sadly for the Swans that was the end of the run the Dogs rallied again and kicked the final four goals of the game to win by 23 points. Swans now start the year 0-2 not unfamiliar to last years 1-4 and the dogs have scrapped again to be 2-0. Highlights would have to be Bob Murphy and his long running goal was possibly the highlight of the whole weekend to see that raw emotion shown by the Dogs team shows how much he means to that team. Buddy did his best kicking his 4 goals and Jake Lloyd hat 34 touches for the Swans, but we feel they must be a little disappointed in Kennedy, Hannebery so far this season. The Dogs where so even again Jong, Libba, Picken, Hunter, Dalhaus, Boyd why not just list the whole team seriously.
Best – Bontempelli 3 votes, Buddy 2 votes, Cloke 1 vote.

Adelaide vs Hawthorn
Crows the real deal, are the Hawks gone? Was a game of two halves it looked like the Hawks of old in the first half hard nosed, hard hitting, skillful kicking 5 of the first 6 goals but that was it, being out scored 15 goals to 8 after that. New recruits this year O’meara and Mitchell where the shining lights for the Hawks and gave them huge amounts of drive early and battled so hard to keep them in the game. It again was the Crows evenness across the field that was the winner. They have no weak link, its so hard to find a best or dominant player. After Josh Jenkins went down you wondered for a minute how they were going to get goals. It’s easy to forget this is the Crows, they don’t rely on 1 player – they are an impressive well oiled machine. It was one way traffic the final score really flatters the Hawks as do the stats. The Hawks have a lot of questions to be answered in the next couple rounds, they “should” get an easy win this week against the Suns. If they don’t then I can not see them making finals this year, while the Crows head to a top of the table showdown! Highlights of the game Eddie and the early contender for goal of the year.
Best – T Lynch 3 votes, T Mitchell 2 votes, R Sloane 1 vote.

Greater Western Sydney vs Gold Coast
Giants years ahead of the Suns. These two should be fighting out for the next 3 premierships instead we have one sitting at the bottom, a chance to lose another 20 games this season battling for a wooden spoon and the other right up there and will be fighting for a chance at playing in the finals again this season. Apart from about 10 minutes in the second quarter where the Giants had a little nap it was one way traffic -nothing more than a training drill for the Giants. There is nothing good to say about the Suns. They are not AFL standard, hard to say with a bloke like Ablett in the side but he looks like a shadow at the moment – like a man that is lost, we wonder if he ever regrets leaving the Cats even for the huge pay day. The Giants is what we expected round one and for the rest of the season – that killer instinct. Jeremy Cameron is a beast in front of goal, Ward back to his best, Stevie J looking old and slow but showed some brilliance, Griffen is building, Shiel was solid as was Kelly. So long as they don’t take it easy they are looking good. Highlight was Cameron’s 6 goals, Giants first 100 point win in the history of the club, Stevie J’s 499 career goals.
Best – J Cameron 3 votes, T Greene 2 votes, C Ward 1 Vote.

Essendon vs Brisbane
Lions keep showing some fight! It what most expected would be a relatively soft game for the Bombers. In almost a role reversal from the previous game where the Lions got out to a big lead and almost over ran it was the Bombers who got out to a 40 point plus lead before the lion fought back hard. The first quarter was very even, the Lions showed some of the form form last week and was exciting to watch. It looked like we were going to have a nail biter to the finish. Then it happened, the Bombers went on the rampage and lit up the score board racing away to that seemingly untouchable lead at half time and you thought it was going to end much like the Giants/Suns game with a 100 point drubbing. To the Lions credit they showed a lot of heart. Big man Stefan Martin lifted the team on his shoulders, a massive 42 hit outs along with Beams and Rockliff, the Lions lifted and started to run and play on at all costs. They took the game on and you could feel the momentum change then with a couple late goals before half time they had a sniff. The third quarter belonged to the Lions eroding the lead the Bombers had and went into the last quarter down by only 5 points. The game reached its pinnacle in the first few minutes of the last quarter, the lions hitting the lead on the back of a goal to Hipwood and they kept threatening to score but just could not penetrate the Bombers defence. It was only a matter of time the Bombers had withstood the charge and now took control again they managed to kick the last four goals of the game breaking the Lions comeback hopes. The Lions where not disgraced and showed signs that they are heading in the right direction. For the Bombers its so good to see Watson back and at his best, the young Zach Merrett is fast and takes the game on. The future is finally looking bright for the Bombers.
Best – Z Merret 3 votes, J Watson 2 votes, D Beams 1 vote.

West Coast vs St Kilda
Saints – the one that got away: Part 1. Eagles fans can thank their lucky stars this game was played out west, anywhere else and they’d lose that and pray to the kicking gods that the Saints struggled to hit the side of a barn from 10 metres away. Josh Kennedy’s 3 last quarter goals and strong marking made the difference in the end as the eagles ran out 19 point winners. It was hard to watch the Saints letting victory slip away but full credit to the Eagles they just would not go away, and in previous seasons where goal kicking has been questionable this season has been the difference between 2 wins and 2 losses. The Eagles we’re struggling to get an understanding on, they have so much depth and fire power yet seem to have struggled for their two wins. The Saints lead from the opening bounce until mid way through the last quarter, the missed opportunities will haunt the Saints. They dominated for such long periods of the game but just could not convert it on the score board. At half time the lead was 9 points but they had 9 more scoring shots than the Eagles. The Eagles got it back to within a couple points and the Saints would rally and kick away by a goal or two again and looked like they would hold on but it wasn’t to be, the relentless Eagles wouldn’t go away and the goal kicking finally caught up with them.
Best – L Shuey 3 votes, A Gaff 2 votes, M Priddis 1 vote.

Geelong vs North Melbourne
Sunday gave us the game of the round between the Cats and the Kangas and it came down to the last goal of the game which put the Cats in front by a point. The Kanga’s jumped the Cats early and had a 4 goal lead at the end of the first break. The goal kicking woes from round 1 had gone for the Roos and it was making a big difference, without Waite as a focal point the load was spread across the field and every one picked up the slack which made them look more dangerous in attack. The Cats had closed the gap by half time to a solitary goal and looked like they may have taken command of game. As the third quarter started you just kept waiting for the floodgates to open and Geelong to take control and run away with it, but it was quite the opposite. It was the Roos that kicked away and by the end of the third quarter had got back to the 25 point margin they held at the end of the first. The last quarter it happened, the Cats took the game by the scruff of the neck and somehow managed to steal the win. Dangerfield was sublime he just does not stop, Selwood is solid as ever Hawkins got some help in front of goal with Menzel kicking 4 goals each. The Roos had a very even spread lead by Tarrant and Ben Brown in front of goal. Even though they lost the Roos can take a lot away from the game, maybe with the cuts made last year they didn’t cut far enough and should have got rid of Waite also.
Best – Dangerfield 3 votes, Higgins 2 votes, Tarrant 1 vote.

Carlton vs Melbourne
Demons haven’t quite woken, the Blues still a work in progress. They got the job done and it wasn’t pretty but give the Demons and Blues both a bit of credit, it was one of those games this weekend where most thought the Blues would put up a little fight but ultimately the new improved Dee’s would be far too good for them. The game never really hit any exciting heights. The Blues at one point hit the lead in the third quarter but never really looked like winning. All Melbourne had to do was turn it on for five minutes and they pulled away again. The Blues did show plenty of heart and I do think the pain they will go though will galvanise the young players they have coming though. There is still too much left to do and if Cripp’s jaw keeps him out for a couple games it will be even tougher, patience is the key. The Demons had a much bigger spread across the board but will now spend the next 2 weeks without Hogan and Lewis both offered bans by the MRP.
Best – D Tyson 3 votes, Murphy 2 votes, Salem 1 vote.

Port Adelaide vs Fremantle
Power domination. Freo way to go… and do absolutely nothing but be embarrassed. There is nothing that we can really say about Freo, they are hopeless. They get first use of the ball winning the hit outs easily and Neale, Fyfe and the Hill brothers getting plenty of the ball but after that there is very bad ball use. No spirit. They are like the Suns, that’s how bad they are travelling. The Power though now sit on top of the table after 2 rounds with percentage boost and with the showdown this week against the Crows there will be no place to hide in SA without hearing about the game this week. It was such a team demolition of the Dockers you could give any one of 7 players votes for the game. The Power is back in Adelaide and will be a very exciting year for them if they can maintain this style of footy all year. Like the Tigers, get on board the Power band wagon this year! Watch the game again just to see Robbie Gray possibly play the perfect game 6 goals 30 touches.
Best – Gray 3 votes, Wines 2 votes, Neale 1 vote.

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