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Futures betting?

Sports Betting Futures: to invest or not invest!

Not only is #puntr about providing winners for all of us its about making us all better gamblers full stop, we posted earlier about bank roll management and hope a few took notice and have noticed the difference or will start to notice the difference the aim is to never have to redeposit into your account again!

Currently our resident AFL Guru is posting 7 plays in 7 days Futures bets for the AFL season.
You will hear some say “No way am I having money locked away for 7 months, I can turn that over 1000 times between now and then!”
Futures bets, as is all gambling should be looked at like a investment, as with all investments you should have a variety of options you invest in so you do not put all your eggs into one basket type scenario where things can go pear shaped.

The Best advice we can give is to follow this investment plan on these futures. You don’t have to put huge amounts away again, we’re all about bank roll management but of the 7 plays put aside 14% of your bankroll and put 2% on each of them.
Why 14% and 2% on each? It’s all about the bank roll management you will not notice 14 % go missing that much and is a nice little nest egg to collect later.

Keep majority of your bank roll for the every day betting your 1% stake on each bet.
Then come end of AFL season you will get a nice bonus.
With nearly all the bets you will get double your money or better back!

Did we say bank roll management? Good luck and don’t forget to join the conversation!┬áLets beat the bookies together!

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